Author Contracts: Warranties and Indemnities

In a publishing contract, warranties and indemnities guarantee a certain quality and level of professionalism from an author. The author also promises to pay for any fallout resulting from his or her work. Here are some examples of warranties and resultant indemnities that may be included in a contract.


Author Contracts: Advances & Royalties

Authors often have dreams of making a lot of money from their craft, and, depending on your genre and publishing contract, that could happen. Authors make money in two phases: the advance and any subsequent royalties. Here's the breakdown of both of those and how to understand the income you earn from your book.

Inside the Publishing House

The world of publishing extends far beyond just literary agents and authors. Within the industry, a variety of departments work together to ensure that every book sails as smoothly as possible from acquisition to publication. Some of the sides of publishing are visible to authors and some happen behind the scenes. Here are some insights.

Doing Your Own Publicity

After you've built a platform as an author, researched literary agents, crafted a query letter, signed with an agent, and published your manuscript...the real work begins. Here are some ways that you can personally drive your book's sales post-publication.

The Importance of Bookstores

In the publishing process, the last step is getting the books into consumers' hands. This oftentimes happens at bookstores, though other retailers also peddle books: big box stores like Walmart, gift stores, and—of course—the Internet. As a publishing professional and lifelong reader, the crisis facing small bookstores isn't lost on me. Saving these stores is important. Here's why, and here are some ways we might do so.

Monthly Mini-Post: Direct Study, Subsidiary Rights

Each month, one of the weekly posts is a bit shorter and more personal: a “monthly mini-post” about my experiences in publishing and literary agency. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in publishing and writing from Emerson College. For one of my last two courses this summer, I've created a directed study entitled Managing Subsidiary Rights. It will be a great opportunity for me to teach you about what I'm learning, and I'm very excited! Here's why.

Building Your Platform

An essential part of your job as an author is to find a way to help your work reach your audience. This is a task that a publicist or marketing associate will help you with once your manuscript has been accepted by a publishing house, but it's also something that you can start on your own right now, today. Here are three ways to build your platform before your manuscript ever passes through a publishing house's doors.